SAFIRE represents at the USSF in Detroit pt. 1

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sandra and Mimi from ACRJ's SAFIRE youth program, and Amanda, Youth Organizer, arrived in Detroit Monday afternoon to attend the United States Social Forum (USSF) in Detroit, Michigan.

Our first night we got to watch a fireworks show across the street from our hotel.

This is how excited Sandra was about being in Detroit!

Vincent Chin
Tuesday was the first day of the forum and we started it off by learning some history of Asian/ Pacific Islander Americans in Detroit at a workshop held by the Detroit Asian Youth Project. The workshop was on the murder of Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man who was beaten to death by Ronald Ebens, an out-of-work, White, Chrysler (US auto company) employee. He was quoted saying, "It's because of you motherfuckers that we are out of work," referring to Japanese Auto companies taking away US business, even though Vincent was Chinese American.

"The Vincent Chin movie was epic. I was like WHAT THE HELL!!! the whole time... Like just because it was an “ACCIDENT” doesn’t mean killing someone is okay. He got away with manslaughter with NO time in jail , a 3000 dollar fine, and a measly probation for 3 years. SH*T lemmie do that and say it was an “accident” and see if I get away with it!!"
- Sandra's thoughts after watching the film "Who Killed Vincent Chin"

USSF Opening March

Over 10,000 people from across the country and the globe to start the USSF off with a bang in the opening march. 

"The march was really interesting to me. It’s by far the biggest march I’ve ever been in. That experience was really crazy. Also very hot!"

- Mimi on the USSF's opening march


We ran into NAMDOL! Our Youth Organizing Intern last summer who does Mountain Justice work in Boston. We love and miss her so much!

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