A SAFIRE Celebration to remember. . .

Friday, August 27, 2010

By Amanda Wake

If you are wondering how to get inspired today, then take a look at the SAFIRE Video that was shown last Thursday night at the SAFIRE 2010 Summer Celebration. Joined by 200 friends, family and allies at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, the SAFIRE girls told stories of their Strong Families in a multi-media extravaganza. From spoken word to video to dance to artwork, the struggles and strengths of Asian families living in Oakland were brought to life through the 25 young women who spent their summer building their core power in order to provide leadership in their communities. As I watched their performances, I was moved time and time again by what each moment represented: amazing courage by parents and grandparents that fled war or sought opportunity; deep insight by young women in their expression of their own histories and identities; and, unwavering support from the ACRJ community that came together to celebrate the riches of our of families. Watch out Oakland, the SAFIRE girls are here.


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