First SAFIRE alumni meeting

Friday, January 14, 2011

By Ngoc-Y Mai, SAFIRE Alumni Intern

You know the feeling of rediscovering something that you once knew and had, but somehow misplaced, then many years pass, you stumble upon it, and it elicits this incredible feeling of happiness, like a yummy ice cream on a hot summer day? That was exactly how I felt on the night of December 16th, 2010, at the SAFIRE Alumni Network's first ever general meeting. It was a mix feeling of joy, exciting, and “ohmigosh, I haven’t seen you since FOREVER”.

With today's technologies, we can keep in touch via text, e-mail, and the newly popularize networking giant, Facebook; however, none of those things compare to meeting with someone in person, especially, after not seeing the individual(s) for half a decade.

In terms of getting the ball moving, the meeting was a success! We came up with many ideas to portray the theme: What "family means to me...?" As a network working alongside ACRJ, the SAFIRE Alumni Network wanted to contribute to ACRJ's ongoing Strong Families campaign, to show our support and interest. There was a unanimous consensus on supporting ACRJ's cause as well as using the event as a way to show and share our individualistic appreciation for our families.

This celebration will be the first-ever gathering of all past SAFIRE alumni, as well as an occasion to launch the newly founded SAFIRE Alumni Network, a network dedicated to past SAFIRE gals as a means to connect and reconnect old friends and continue to do organizing work. Moreover, the network opens windows for anyone who is interested in helping out ACRJ and any current, ongoing SAFIRE programs.  Since this is the kick-off event for the new network, everyone has high hopes for a spectacular event! The next couple of weeks will be PLAN PLAN PLAN, but with diligent work, I have no doubt that the event will be a smashing FUN FUN FUN success!

Location: ACRJ Office on 1440 Broadway, Room 301
Date: February 26, 2011
Time: 3-6 pm 

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