ACRJ’s NEW summer youth programs challenge patriarchy and homophobia

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This summer we are doing exciting NEW things with Asian youth in Oakland. In addition to our 30 youth SAFIRE young women’s program we are launching a brand new Summer Young Men’s program for Asian young men in high school (or recently graduated). They will explore the ways reproductive justice intersects with their lives. Reproductive Justice is a movement that fights for the self determination of all people when it comes to their gender, bodies and sexuality. Reproductive Justice is not just for women. If we want to see the change that we want to see we must invest in the young men in our communities. This summer we are doing just that! Both programs will be challenging gender roles, homophobia, racism and patriarchy both inside themselves and in their communities. Stay tuned into our blog to hear updates on both of our summer youth programs.

Our young men’s program will be led by new staff member Jack (Kiwi) DeJesus. Jack has extensive experience working with youth in the LA and the Bay Area as well as a great amount of knowledge when it comes to gender, sexuality, bodies and sex education. We are honored to welcome him into the ACRJ family. We are also honored to welcome 2 SOUL Summer School interns, Meng Vang (WI) and Cheyenne Rosado (NY) who will support our summer programs. We are bringing back former SAFIRE participant Catherine Saephan who will be leading our SAFIRE Alumni Network’s summer story collection project. We are currently looking for a part time SAFIRE youth organizer to join the summer youth organizing team which is being led by Amanda Wake, Youth Organizing Manager.
We will also be taking both programs on a 3 day 2 night retreat to the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. This will be SAFIRE’s 3rd visit to our OAEC allies and the young men’s program first. We plan on getting our hands dirty in the garden, jumping in the pond, taking hikes and learning about how climate justice intersects with reproductive justice.

Look out for our Summer Celebration Extravaganza in mid-August where all of our young people will present to all of you their summer projects and accomplishments!

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