What the debt deal means to women--it's not good

Friday, August 05, 2011

Ouch. You don't need to be an economist to understand that the deal struck earlier this week is going to hurt the most vulnerable (the poor, the young, the old, women, people of color). Times are hard, and for some generations--the hardest they've ever been. And now, folks can expect it to get worse.

The debt ceiling deal is a blow to everyone in, but it especially hurts women. This press release by National Organization for Women (NOW) articulates just why that is. (A perfect, quick analysis.) And this article from Alternet beefs up the economic viewpoint, just a bit, for those looking for some numbers.
The bottom line? Many of the cuts will fall on the backs of women, who are already underpaid, under-insured and have inadequate access to reproductive and health care services. Don't forget that these are the very same women who are losing out from state battles with Planned Parenthood, and who are subject to the new 162 state-based restrictions enacted in the first half of the year to restrict women's reproductive rights. What about economic stratification? Well, now we're talking women of color.

I can only imagine how I will remember these moments when I'm old. Corporate looting and excessive profit? Economic recession? War on women? Don't think I can choose just one.

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