Groundbreaking Report: Thousands of Families Shattered by Immigration Enforcement and Child Welfare

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

By Dana Ginn Paredes

Over the summer, I heard a heart-wrenching story from an ally in Colorado. She told me that ICE raided a local fair and detained a group of immigrant parents while their children were playing in a jumping room. It is not only disgusting and spineless, but enraging to learn how families are being torn apart throughout the US by Immigration Enforcement and Child Welfare.

Check out this amazing report by the Applied Research Center that brings to light how this happening and the policies that need to change to support the rights of families to stay together and grow together. If you wish to learn more (like I do) you can sign up for a free public informational webinar happening tomorrow, November 10th (3pm EST/12pm PST). Sign up today!

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