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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In the last couple of weeks, lots of people and institutions have weighed in on women's health care. From the Susan G. Komen Foundation to the Catholic Bishops and now Senator Roy Blunt, we have been hearing about what kind of access and services these people think we should have.

Thanks to the amazing power of organizing and social media, they have also heard from tens of thousands of us. And our message has been clear: we want and need no-cost birth control and access to a full range of health care options that we can afford.

As you may know, Republican Senator Roy Blunt put out a plan that would let any employer deny coverage for any health care treatment to which they claim a moral or religious objection. That could be anything: prenatal care for unmarried women, HIV treatment, vaccines, substance use counseling, or mental health care. And certainly, contraception.

Under the Blunt Amendment, your access to these treatments and others could be at your boss's discretion. This plan will be voted very soon-- and thanks to great organizing by our allies all over the country, it will likely be defeated. But the attacks on contraception will continue, and so will our organizing to protect and expand access.

Strong Families members have been all over social media talking about how important access to contraception is to our communities. Youtube videos, twitter campaigns, and multiple petitions have been unleashed to ensure that our communities are informed and engaged in this critical debate. Advocates for Youth's fabulous Valentine's Day campaign, #bc4us, gave young people the chance to tweet photos to their Senators, urging support for birth control. National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health created a series of graphics thanking Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for the extra $600 per year that a family can save by not making co-pays for birth control.

Join us now in taking a stand for health care for women and those who love us. Send a message to the your Senators and Representatives that contraception, along with access to quality health care, keeps our families strong.

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