Justice Shouts Love Papa

Sunday, June 16, 2013

(c) Stephen Geyer 
By Marguerite Ward 

Fight. I always thought progress was about the fight.
And it is, child, don’t ever think not
But my Dad took me aside and taught me
Progress is fought loudly in words spoken softly
It is fought loudly in words spoken softly
Gentle words from men, in this angry world shake the earth
Papa, you didn’t even tell me, but you showed me
Justice shouts love in powerful song

A church musician, he sings the movement
Sings blessed are the poor, blessed are the poor
For they shall inherit the earth
Blessed are the meek, the ones they call weak
The men the TV never lets speak
The ones without the strong grip, the business suit to fit
The ones who couldn’t stand, who they make sit
Joy to the world for this is a man
A person who holds love in their hands

How come you’re not as strong as them Dad?
But he said, I will raise you up
How come those men pass so quickly by?
Again, he said I will raise you up
With their evil eyes, talking dollar signs
My child, I will raise you up
I thought I had to fight to make them realize, didn’t I Dad? Didn’t I?

Mercy for them, mercy on us
Sometimes, let the hatred go, it hurts too much
You must fight in the streets that you share with these strangers
You must invite them in and call them your neighbors
Let your kind words speak justice even greater
Justice shouts love in powerful song

I mistook your kind heart for being weak
Feeble I thought the words you speak
But I was the poor in spirit, sinking under
I was full of hate, lost my voice in the thunder

Right below the church steeple
Your song wakes the people
I can hate injustice and still love the world
And I can still have a shaking, restless soul
And that’s music to my fighting soul
Quietly, I walk, bringing this message forward

Marguerite Ward is a writer, progressive, a nonprofit professional based in New York City, and a 2011 YP4 Fellow.

This blog post is part of the Strong Families' first Papa's Day celebration. You can read more posts in the series on the Strong Families blog. Strong Families is a national initiative led by Forward Together. Our goal is to change the way people think, act and talk about families.

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