TPM: How To Ditch Hyde Anti-Abortion Law And Win Elections

Monday, September 30, 2013

Our friends over at TPM (Talking Points Memo) have published a proposal to all politicians. The article is a response to the 37th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, abortion access, women in politics, and the importance of funding reproductive healthcare.

“How to Ditch Hyde Anti-Abortion Law And Win Elections” is an Op-Ed article collaboratively written by Forward Together’s Executive Director Eveline Shen, and Reproductive Health Technologies Project’s President and CEO Jessica Arons. Below is a short excerpt of the insightful piece,
“There is a new generation of activists rising up and they are looking for leaders who are bold, for champions who are unafraid to buck convention and stand up for what is right. They want elected officials to address their needs and the needs of their communities. They want action not platitudes. And opposing the Hyde Amendment, believe it or not, just might give lawmakers that opening. 
The Hyde Amendment, a law that withholds Medicaid coverage for abortion care from low-income women, turns 37 today. Spurred by the purported rationale that taxes should not go toward abortion, the measure has not only been expanded over the course of nearly four decades to deny abortion coverage to virtually any woman who receives health insurance or care from the government; it has become one of the most entrenched policies of all time.“ 

Head over to TPM to read the rest of the article. You may also follow our coverage of the Hyde Anniversary on Twitter and Facebook

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