Get Out The Vote Because We Have Had to Fight for our Right to

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GET OUT THE VOTE on Tuesday, November 2nd!

Based on their gender, race, age, citizenship and criminal record, people throughout history have had to fight for their right to vote.  . Many people still do not have the right to vote based on these things.  So, if you have the privilege to vote, take advantage of it!

This video shows a timeline of the voting rights struggles in the United States. It was showcased at a SAFIRE youth conference on ballot initiatives during the 2008 elections season. We are dusting it off and sharing this video again because it is incredibly relevant to the moment we are in now. Here is "The Changing Face of Democracy":

Produced by Mateo Reyes, former staff of Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson and Amanda Wake, ACRJ Youth Organizer:

Please share this post with friends, family, co-workers, your organization, and your youth! And VOTE ON TUES. NOV. 2nd!!!

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