Private prison business behind SB1070

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Glenn Nichols, city manager of Benson, Ariz., said last year two men came to the city "talking about building a facility to hold women and children that were undocumented.
NPR aired an impressive piece of investigative journalism today. In short, after the private prison industry, led by the Corrections Association of America identified its growth area as "Immigrant women and children" it worked through a group called ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) to move this idea forward.

Glenn Nichols, pictured above, tells how salesman for the prison industry came to his Arizona town selling a prison that would hold immigrant women and children, be full for years and years, and bring money to his town through jobs for guards.

While the connection between the prison industry and legislators is nothing new, this piece connects the chilling dots on SB1070. Read or listen at

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