Photoblog: Occupy Oakland

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Oakland community launched Occupy Oakland on Monday in celebration of Indigenous People's Day.

The Ohlone People of Oakland gave permission to occupiers to use the land and opened the occupation with a traditional Ohlone song. To learn more about the Ohlone People visit here.

Occupiers agreed that Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall would be renamed Oscar Grant Plaza during occupation. The City of Oakland has agreed to work with the occupiers as long as they're respectful to city property.

Despite the rain, over 1000 Oaklanders came to the opening general assembly. Check out some pics our Communications Manager, Shanelle snapped during the first week of Occupy Oakland.

Design and labor donated by Dignidad Rebelde

Samba music provided by Caribelinq Cultura TresSesenta moved the community to dance

The presence of people of color radiated throughout the camp

There was no ambiguity about the messages and demands Oakland occupiers were sending

To learn more about the occupy movement in Oakland visit:

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