Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Every year on equal pay day we recognize the ways in which the gender wage gap keeps women at an unequal disadvantage when it comes to receiving fair compensation for their work. Currently, women earn only 77 cents for every dollar made by an able-bodied cisgender male. While this is true for the majority of white women in the U.S., missing from the conversation are the realities of women and trans people of color, whose experience of the wage gap deepens the cleavage of economic disparity.

On average, women of color earn up to 25 cents less than their white counterparts. Gender and non-conforming people of color, significantly trail behind, with many people unable to find paying work in the first place.

On Equal Pay Day, let’s remember to think of all the people who are subjected to unfair payment, as well as those who suffer the effects of employee discrimination. This includes supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act and fighting for employment anti-discrimination laws. Single women, mothers, and fathers of all genders deserve to be equally recognized and financially compensated for their labor.

Next month we are launching our Mama's Day 2013 campaign, which will be comprised of e-cards and essays that provide a more in-depth perspective of the impact of the wage gap on queer families and folks of color.

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