National Day of Action: Calling for fair and inclusive immigration reform

Friday, April 12, 2013

By Robin Ryan

Wednesday's stunning sunshine welcomed those who showed up in Oakland's Frank Ogawa/Oscar
Grant Plaza to call for fair and inclusive immigration reform. As I stood there surrounded by members of the community, labor unions, faith organizations and simply lovely people, I noted the life on the faces, the names behind the actions, and some of the unique personalities that make our nation strong. 

Whether we come to these events to represent our organizations, our families or ourselves, we each have a voice that deserves to be heard and rights that warrant protection. All too often, the immigrant voice is lost in anonymity and inhumane workloads, perhaps stifled by fear of deportation or mistreatment by those in power. At actions such as these it becomes all too apparent that so many immigrants rely on community organizers to tell their story to the public, while they carry on their struggle in silence. Here are some of the folks who came together -- to share a word, a sign, a smile, a march and a call for change.

Among those groups represented were: SEIU Local, LIUNA Local 304, EBASE, Interfaith Worker Justice, Presente!, GENESIS, Janitors for Justice, Justa Causa and Forward Together.

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