A mother's work

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Originally posted at Western States Center

By Elvira Diaz 

Growing up Catholic in Mexico, I learned early on that motherhood is the most important job. Motherhood requires planning, hard work and especially compassion. My kids are the most important thing I will ever have, and I feel extremely lucky to have two wonderful children.

I am proud that my oldest daughter, now in her twenties, has grown into a bright, independent adult, recently earning a master’s degree in economics. I am equally proud of my youngest, Christian, a wonderful, happy seven year old.

When Christian was around four years old, he told me that he was really a boy, despite being born with girl “parts.” At the time, I was very confused. I knew nothing about this phenomenon and was not familiar with the term “transgender.” What I knew was that I had a beautiful little daughter who now insisted that she was a boy – a wonderful, loving child who wanted me to pray with her at night that God would give her male organs.

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