Music video: dedicated to Mimi and all the young mamas

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[This post was part of a Mama’s Day Series by The Strong Families Initiative and has been reposted as part of the No Teen Shame Action Towards The Candie's Foundation . To follow all of the Mama's Day events, visit us on Facebook and Twitter.]

By Amanda Wake, Youth Organizer

Mimi and Sincere
This Spring, the SAFIRE youth have taught me more than I’ve taught them. One person in particular has forever changed the way that I think about young mothers. Her name is Mimi and I’ve known her since the very beginning of my journey at ACRJ 3 years ago. She is 18 and 6 weeks ago she became a new mom to baby boy, Sincere. You may have seen her picture on a sticker, T-shirt, or even on Facebook recently. This Mother’s Day, I honor her because she has taught me and all the SAFIRE girls an incredibly important life lesson about checking our judgments and honoring all the people in our community who are bravely raising the next generation.

I asked the SAFIRE girls one day what they’ve heard about young moms in the media, at school and in their homes. “They’re slutty.” “Weak.” “Not going to do anything with their lives.” And I asked them if Mimi, who has been a leader in SAFIRE for the past 5 years is any of those things. A resounding and passionate “NO!” filled the room and light bulbs went off in all of their heads. Mimi is strong, she is powerful, she is intelligent, she is a leader and she is going to do amazing things in this world.

Join me in honoring these young mothers who are raising the next generation.  Stand with them and let’s fly together! Here is SAFIRE and the Center for Young Women’s Development’s Strong Families tribute music video to young mothers. This is for Mimi and all the young mamas.

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