Forward Together at 25: Forward Together Youth Take It To The Streets

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In honor of our 25th anniversary, let's take a look back and honor the Forward Together youth organizers and leaders who helped to transform communities and make them safer for all families. 

Incinerator flyer and protest picture from 2001: 
A flier and photo from a campaign that our youth were part of, to shut down one of the last remaining medical waste incinerators in the country, located in East Oakland. Our youth brought a youth voice and gender lens to the campaign, revealing the particularly harmful impacts of Dioxin (a reproductive toxin) which is one of the chemicals that was spewing out of the incinerator. We won that fight and the incinerator was shut down.

Collective Voices (2009):
Collective Voices is a print newsletter by SisterSong that highlights work in the RJ movement. This article was written by Diana Ip (former FT staff) about our work to support Asian parents to talk to their kids about sex and sexuality. It highlights the toolkit we created for this purpose, called “Transforming API Community: Tools for Sexuality Education.”

Urban View & HOPE Freedom Tour Flyer (2001): In 2001, members of the HOPE Organizers-In-Training program spent 4 months surveying welfare recipients, interviewing Oakland students about sexual harassment, and protesting the medical waste incinerator in their neighborhood. These Asian youth organizers then took their research to the streets with a Reproductive Freedom tour of their community.

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