Forward Together at 25: What is "Forward Stance" Anyway?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So what exactly is this "Forward Stance" thing that you hear us talk about? The Forward Stance Leadership model is a mind-body approach that cultivates fierce individuals, effective organizations, and powerful movements that strengthen our families and communities. It is an empowering way to learn and gain new insight through physical movement and by reconnecting our bodies with our minds. It is the secret to our longevity as we celebrate 25 years of #buildingpower so all families can thrive.

It makes more sense when you see it, and even more sense when you do it. The video above is the best way to highlight how we are #buildingpower through Forward Stance leadership.

Forward Stance Leadership means:

• Stepping into leadership: embracing our personal power and strengths to provide vision, energy and expertise in service to social change.

• Non-violent communication: assuming that disagreement is an opportunity for growth transformation and finding ways to build common ground or agree to disagree while moving forward together.

• Building leadership opportunities for others: there are actually no bounds in terms of the amount of leadership our movement can contain.

It is not something we do, rather it is something we are and embody through daily practice. It is the strategic basis from which we move.

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