Collecting Stories: It’s A Process

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

By Yvonne Tran

This summer I collected dozens of stories from people across the nation. I was humbled by people's experiences and inspired in their resilience. I have always known that I love stories. I love people. Every single person has a story (if animals and trees could talk…) . We all come from broken hearts, homes, and spirits. We also come from loving, laughing, and living through our tribulations. It is the strength of the human condition to march forward despite oppression and subjugation that drives us forward and into movements for social justice.

I was at the Facing Race Conference in Chicago, IL last week , and I was able to get some stories on video and many more on paper . It resonate d and stir ed something in people when I asked them to share with me their story about their family and why they’re strong.

Some laughed and said they wish their family was less dysfunctional and carry more strength. Others said they were uncomfortable talking about their biological family. But all of them touched on the diversity and complexity of families. The word family instantly surfaces deep-rooted emotions and memories.

How many movies , TV shows , stories , books are based on some type of family conflict, dysfunction, acceptance, or cohesion? Millions.

Family stories will be the heart and voice of this movement.

Stories move us. We are moved to embark on paths least taken and on journeys that solidifies “fight”, “resistance”, “community”, and “love” into our soul.

I want to thank all of the beautiful spirits who have shared their story and essentially, opened up a piece of themselves to me and to this movement. Thank you.

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