Do you know about Domestic Workers United's victory in New York?

Monday, September 13, 2010

by Moira Bowman

I was at a gathering of friends recently, where as usual, we were lamenting the various challenges of the current political climate. Then, I mentioned the inspiring victory of Domestic Workers United in New York. Just a couple weeks ago, they celebrated the signing of legislation that guarantees overtime-pay, a minimum of 1 day off every 7 days, three days of paid leave per year and protections from discrimination. This WIN is groundbreaking for domestic workers and their families and moves us closer to ensuring that the workers who take care of homes and families all across the country can support their own families as well. But, at our party, no one knew about this victory. And when they heard, conversation shifted from how tough it is to make change, to the possibilities of change.
As I think about that moment I realize that part of building a movement is making sure that our victories and the victories of our allies “break through” the chaos of the media and the blogosphere so that our wins can take root as deeply as possible. This victory is about recognizing domestic work AS work. It’s about demanding civil rights for immigrant women and women of color. It’s about ensuring that the well-being of some families doesn’t come at the expense of other families. It’s about how low-wage workers, immigrant women and women of color can build the political power to change laws.

I don’t want to let this victory go unnoticed. So I’m going to talk about it every chance I get in the coming months. Please read about the victory here and join me in making sure everyone in your life knows about it too. Thank you Domestic Workers United.

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