If you missed me at the Permaculture for the People Report Back No Worries!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

By Amanda Wake, Youth Organizer

If you missed the Permaculture for the People Report Back at the new vegetarian Filipino Restaurant, No Worries in Downtown Oakland, then NO WORRIES!

Below is a video clip of what I had to say about my experience at the 2 week long Permaculture for the People intensive training organized by Movement Generation and Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. I spoke about how permaculture relates to movement building and how it contributes to youth development and immigrant justice through cultural reclamation. I told the story of how permaculture was taken away from my family during WWII when they were forced into internment camps for being of Japanese descent. I ended with how cultural reclamation of permaculture practices strengthens families.

To check out other videos from the report back take a look at this post Liberation Permaculture Design Course - California. It includes thoughts from Carla Perez of Movement Generation, Emily Kirsh of the Ella Baker Center, Jose Flores of Movement Strategy Center, Ellen Choy of Mobilization for Climate Justice West, Khan Pham of the National Radio Project, Alicia Garza of POWER and Clare Bayard of the Catalyst Project.

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