Five reasons to support ACRJ this holiday season

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

by Eveline Shen

I want to pass along a message from two leaders in our SAFIRE youth program. Chrystal and Emily share their thoughts on how your support for ACRJ and SAFIRE has had - and will continue to have - an impact on their growth as leaders for their families and in their communities.

Five reasons to support ACRJ and SAFIRE this holiday season:
By Emily and Chrystal

#5: POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT: SAFIRE is a great place to be with people like you, who are here because they choose to be here. We work on a lot of different things for our community. -Emily

#4: SAFE SPACE: SAFIRE is a really safe environment where everything is kept confidential. -Emily

It's good and we need this because sometimes we don't have that support at home or at school. -Chrystal

#3: LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Right now we're doing workshops with other youth in the Bay Area to spread awareness about reproductive justice and climate justice. Since being part of SAFIRE, my public speaking skills are a lot better than before...I used to be really shy! Now I feel really confident doing workshops. -Chrystal

#2: AWARENESS: I am more aware of what's going on in my community. I can give my opinion and have an educated say in the things that are going on around me. -Emily

#1: SISTERHOOD! SAFIRE feels like a family. You get to know everyone, we work on causes we care about, and it's a good way to spend our time. And it's fun! -Chrystal

Through their involvement in SAFIRE, Emily and Chrystal have gained leadership skills and organizing experience that they will carry with them throughout their lives. Along with the rest of our SAFIRE leaders and 500 alumni, they are building Strong Families through their organizing work for reproductive justice and climate justice in Oakland. Please join us in building young leaders by giving a gift to ACRJ today!

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