You decide the time

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

By Dana Ginn Paredes

December 7th was an International Day of Action to support the families of farmers, indigenous peoples, and vulnerable communities who are affected first and worst by the climate crisis. Organizations in over 30 locations throughout the US and Canada demonstrated how community-based solutions are doing a better job at cooling the planet than the ghost-like proceedings at the UN Climate Negotiations in CancĂșn.

This is really important stuff, but are you finding yourself beginning to glaze over? Wondering if this has anything to do with the international drama over Wikileaks (which it does)? I know--the effects of climate change and what we need to do to keep it from escalating are so monumental and unprecedented, it may feel easier to just focus on holiday shopping or simply move the issue to the back burner in your mind until after the holidays or until you and your family HAVE to deal with it.

But how do you know when that time is?

I was speaking with my friend Mary Rose Taruc about last week, and she told me she started the conversation with her family by showing them a video on climate change and the effect on our planet. After watching the video which depicted events like drought, melting ice bergs and tsunamis, she asked her boys what they thought about it all. Her 10-year turned to her and said, “Mom, I hope I die before all that climate changes.” She said she just froze after hearing his response and, as a mom, was completely devastated for weeks. Eventually, she said her mama bear instinct kicked in and her devastation became determination to hold her children at the center of the all steps she takes to be part of climate solutions – whether it is with her family in their home or in her work as an organizer.

I found myself deeply moved by her story and inspired… Inspired because she did not wait until it was more convenient or until a government agency told her it was time to think about it. She decided the time.

This is something we can all do, even in this turbulent economy or during the holiday hustle and bustle. Each of us can decide the time -- and choose for ourselves and our families how to learn more about what is happening to our planet and how to be part of climate solutions.

For more information on what is happening at the UN Climate Negotiations in Cancun, check out Grassroots Solutions for Climate Justice North America and Movement Generation.

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