We won. Now let's get busy.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Art by Favianna Rodriguez, www.favianna.com
By Eveline Shen

I am elated at the news that President Obama will serve four more years.  We have narrowly missed what would have been an extremely dangerous four years for our communities under a Romney administration, and with President Obama’s victory we have been given an opportunity. It’s on us to use it well.

There were many important gains during Obama’s first term, but some critical needs for our communities were not met.

Obama’s first term began with a sense of hopefulness.  Some of us thought he would usher in a new dawn.  With a community organizer for a President, what could go wrong?

Now we know that’s not enough. We need to fight hard for the things our communities need.  Our elected officials are not going to take leadership on our issues just because it’s the right thing to do.  They will do it because our voices are loud, our demands are strong, our message is clear, and our numbers are many.  Our work at Strong Families is to engage all of you in making that happen.

These are the lessons we are bringing into President Obama’s second term:
    1.    No matter what the threat, whether it’s climate change or conservative decision-makers, those most impacted will always be our families.
    2.    As the recovery effort post-Sandy is showing us, during times of crisis, community organizations, churches, and compassionate volunteers are essential in reaching our families.  We are moved and amazed by what the good people of New York, notably our friends at CAAAV, have been able to accomplish.
    3.    We need a government that works.  We need strong infrastructure. We need public employees like fire fighters, FEMA workers and city officials whose job it is to ensure all of our public safety.  We need a government that’s there for us before, during and after a crisis.
    4.    We can’t do this alone. We will continue to partner with amazing organizations around the country, but it is truly people like you that will bring about the change we need.

Join us in this hard work. Sign up now as a Strong Families Champion, and let us know we can count on you to be part of this movement for change.  As a Champion, you will receive extra requests from us, as many as one per week, asking you to sign petitions, make phone calls to elected officials or to share your stories with us.  We engage all of our members in some of these asks, but by becoming a Strong Families Champion you are signing to fight harder alongside us, and work closely with us during this important time.

We would be honored to count you in.  We promise not to deluge you with fundraising requests or send any kind of spam. What you will get from us are specific, strategic asks to move our work forward.

If you can’t commit more time right now, but want to show your support, please consider a donation to Strong Families. It will take all of us, and all we’ve got, to move our families forward.