When You're Denied Abortion

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The recent Turnaway Study provides new evidence about the negative economic, physical health, and (short-term) mental health consequences of being denied abortions. All the women in this study had sought abortions, but not all received them. The groups were similar to start, but the event of getting an abortion or not appeared to change that trajectory negatively for those denied abortions. Due to varying gestational limits of when abortion is permitted in clinics, ANSIRH estimates that 4000 women a year are being turned away simply because they are just past their local clinic’s limits.

Recently proposed bills like Ohio's halted 'heartbeat' bill and Wisconsin's planned anti-choice legislation would increase the number of women denied abortions, and who may experience a similar negative trajectory as those in this study. Women -- especially women of color and low-income women -- do not need any more threats to their choice, their economic/health status, and their ability to build and raise their family.

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The Turnaway Study was conducted by ANSIRH (Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health) at UCSF.