Loving my son

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senate Memorial 25 of the 2012 New Mexico State Legislature declares, August 25th as the state's official, Day in Recognition of Young Parents. This powerful piece was written by a young mama and member of Young Women United who's work in organizing with her peers has been the voice and power behind the passage and creation of this exciting day.   

By Kirbie Platero

Being a young/teen mom does not define your ability to raise a healthy, loving, and conscious child.

I had Josiah when I was 17. On August 11th 2007, 5:13pm, 7lbs 21ounces, 2days overdue. He had the most beautiful eyes, nose, and crazy hair, I've seen him draw on the room walls, spit out vegetables, Step on ants.I've seen him pick animal clouds out of the sky, cry whenever we parted, hide from m  e in stores, I've seen him rack candy lol, draw a transformer, and I've heard him on phone calls asking how my day was and if I've done any new art... Ive heard him say he's sorry, ask what love is, or why things are what they are. I been through trials in my life, to know EXACTLY how a man should be brought up, but more importantly how my son should know the value of love, trust, and security from me... He'll be 5 soon... It's always been a huge deal, but we have all the time in the world to make it right :) I love you Josiah don mcfart (he laughs when I say that) can't wait to see you!

Kirbie Platero is a fierce 22-year-old Dine mother, graffiti/visual artist, social justice activist, and poet. Ms. Platero’s impressive reputation of art and activism is inspired and driven by both her son Josiah -whom she gave birth to at age 17, and her personal survival of sexual violence.  For several years Kirbie has served as the Program Graphic Artist for Young Women United and throughout greater New Mexico, where she continues to influence policy change and promote social justice through her artistic social critiques, exposing systemic inequities towards women of color.