Power of a poem

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The following poem is from a young person who connected with us through Strong Families Leadership Team member Young Women United. This piece is particularly important because it recognizes the shapes, choices, consequences and Strong Families that grow from families of all kinds, no matter how they begin.  Young Women United makes a space for young people to express, explore and share their experiences, reclaiming what it means to be family. 

By Anonymous, Young Women United member

I understand your pain now.
Forced to give up your eldest son.
Having to bear with the death of your second son,
Only leaving your two daughters before I came along.
You lost two children; that was not your choice.
But the loss of me, your third child, was within your power.
This pain that you say was so unbearable.
All the "suffering" you say you went through to give me away could've been avoided.
For a really long time I hated you.
For a really long time I couldn't even look at you.
But now that's over and I understand you.
I even come as far as to thank you.
You gave me to her and she made me the person I can say I am proud to be.

She didn't have a choice.
They took the power to say no from her.
At this point the closest thing to a kid was her doll, but she didn't mind.
It was a baby, a baby girl.
This child wasn't hers but she raised and loved her as her own.
Not knowing what she'd grow up to be or what she'd be capable of.
She raised me and I honor her.